OUR November Advent Edition NEWSLETTER
Inside this edition:
Decorating your spirit for Advent
A beautiful Advent story of community for a single mom
Meet Brent Walker – ex prison chaplain
A prayerful reminder from Mother Teresa
Words from our Pope on the Synod and Mental Health
And much more!


Inside this issue:
Celebrating Christmas with Scripture and Song
Retired celebrants and new installations
Breaking isolation with a cup of tea
Montreal’s Synod 2021-2023 and much more
Inside this issue:
OEPS Transforming Communities
Reuse and Recycle for community and environment
Helping local Afghan women help women in Afghanistan
Collaborating with the St. Kateri community
Inside this issue:
See who and where the bus serviced
See how Father Claude added a personal touch to his homily
FREE STUFF from Amazon??? What???
The well wishers for Father Thomas Delorme as he retires
Cultural Challenges during Vatican II.
And much more………
A recap of our year in .PDF click here
Or a short video of our “Year In Review”, click here”
May 2021
Inside this issue:
Who are the new priests of the Late Sunday Mass
Which One Voice member won “Woman of the Year”
APRIL 2021
Inside this issue:
Catholics in action
A Saintly Gift
How we’re helping the residents of the Fulford House and Much More!
MARCH 2021
Inside this issue:
2 Parishes, 2 Languages – 1 priest – Meet Father Scott
How is Sister Dianna Managing her food bank without her church?
How is Catholic Action and One Voice working to protect seniors?
Farewell to Red Feather
Bible Trivia – Easter Edition and so much more
Inside this issue:
Find out how Father Gilles stays agile?
How was the conversation with Bishop Alain Faubert?
What did the Faith First Group of St. Jean Brebeuf do for seniors for Valentine’s day?
What are the risks of our English Language in Quebec?
See how the first asylum seeker family we helped are doing today…..and much more!  
Inside this edition: Bishop Tom’s send off celebration, new needs for skates for newcomers, history on St. Valentine as well as some Catholic crafts for kids.  There’s some good ideas to assist seniors and our new Bible Trivia section.