Our Ukrainian Friends need your time

Dear Friends,

As a temporary residence, the Villa Saint-Martin, 9541 Gouin O., re-opened its doors on Thursday, June 16th to welcome Ukrainians, fleeing the war.
Catholic Action is managing and scheduling the volunteers needed to assist new arriving Ukrainians at the Ignatian Spirituality Centre (Villa St. Martin) associated with this welcomed initiative.

Many speak English a little, some quite well. Would you like to offer hospitality to our Ukrainian friends?

Driving service to appointments.  There is a need for drivers to take couples to open bank accounts or get their social insurance numbers at the Service Canada office.  I thought I would ask for volunteers to commit to driving for two hours, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, and based on that availability, we would arrange rides for our new friends.

In all instances, you would be invited to stay or arrive early for lunch on the day that you volunteer.

Our plan is to take in all the availabilities and create a schedule that would be sent back to you for confirmation.

This project will run until at least September 30th.

Please email me with your dates and hours of availability:   [email protected]  

Please help, our new Ukrainian friends are counting on you.