2019 Annual General Metting

AGM: Was held at Loyola High School on April 23rd, 2019

We were thrilled to receive new members during registration. All members were invited to register their expertise with our software.  We heard from our Chair, Anna Graham detailing our activities since our last AGM.  The creation of a round table of experts to assist Asylum Seekers, working with the Centre for Reproductive Loss and assisting with and supporting the Archdiocese in their efforts throughout the liturgical year.  Anna thanked Alisha Riuss for her contribution as a board member as Alisha has decided to step down.  Paul Donavan shared the long term vision of Catholic Action. This showed the importance of the work we are doing and this organisation for the future of English Speaking Catholics, serving the Lord.  Bishop Tom made an impromptu thank you to the group.

Annual Report 2019

CAM Annual report 2019